Pathway Counseling Ministries helped me through a very hard and depressing time in my life. As a Senior Pastor of a church who went through a divorce, that I didn’t want and then lost my ministry as a result, I can tell you my life was shaken at the foundation of who I was as a man, a husband, and as a leader in Christ’s Church.  Charles Wise, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit counseled me, believed in me, prayed with me, cried with me, and led me through the darkness of depression. As a result, I am back in ministry serving God in a brand new way.   Pathway Counseling Ministry is not just there for the short-term crisis, they are there for your long-term healing.



Counseling must get into the nasty issues of life and face them head-on to be effective.  Getting to the root of issues is what ultimately gets rid of the bad fruit we call problems. Getting past the bad fruit to the roots takes spiritual discernment that secular counselors will never have.  I am grateful for the help Pathway Counseling Ministry gives to those who truly want to overcome the issues of brokenness and receive true lasting healing that comes through repentance and forgiveness.

Even greater blessing than the wise counsel is the true concern the counselors at Pathway Counseling Ministry have for the people they help.  I am grateful that Pathway has partnered with me for the goal of having a stable, God-focused, spiritually and emotionally healthy family.  When Pathway suspected that my family was in financial distress, Charles approached me directly about it and then arranged for temporary help without our asking.  The proactive love carried us past a very tough spot.  This is the kind of love that God commands, and that few are willing to give.


James King


Pathway Counseling is a ministry that we wholeheartedly support.  Over the years, we have referred people to Charles Wise and Dale Ziglear confident that they would get much needed and helpful counseling. This is counseling that is Biblically based and lovingly shared from counselors who live what they share and teach.  We have known Charles for over 10 years, including time when we were in the same adult life group at church. Sidney has known both Charles and Dale from a local Friday morning men’s prayer meeting that has met for the past 6 years.  Personally, we have both met with Charles and Dale for help and advice. Over the past 35 years, we ourselves have been blessed to serve in youth ministry, church planting, child evangelism, Precepts, Love Orlando, and other church based service opportunities.  Thus, we have seen quite a few different ministries from these experiences over these years and can say Pathway Counseling is one of the best, most Biblical and Christ honoring ministries that we’ve ever been exposed to!

Sidney & Kim Galloway


I See in Full Color

God works in mysterious ways.  Pathway Counseling Ministry saved my life.  My world was filled with gray shades of depression and I was hopelessly stuck in a gay lifestyle.  I knew there had to be more than I was living.  I discovered Pathway Counseling during an intervention for a friend.  I sensed the joyful spirit of the Pathway counselor and I wanted the same thing!  After several months of focused counseling, I sensed my counselor’s joy was rooted in his relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I visited his church and my life began to change. I became hungry to know the truth of who Jesus was and why He loved me. My new friends there reached out to me. I accepted Jesus’ free gift of forgiveness and salvation. I met my future husband.  Now I see in full color!

– Anonymous


Pathways to Freedom, Life, and Joy

I survived, and thriv through divorce, a manic depressive and drug-addicted son, and the addiction of co-dependency and work-alcoholism through the ministry of Pathway Counseling. I discovered Pathway through my church many years ago when I was seeking counseling for my son. After we drove to the site for our first counseling session, my son refused to go inside. So, after a short argument, I decided that I would not waste the session and went instead of my son. I found hope and encouragement, and began to discover my co-dependency. Through Pathway, I developed a support group of trusted friends and counselors who helped me recognize and break my pattern of co-dependency, which gave my son the time and self-dependency he needed to make his own choices concerning drug use. Through Pathway, I attended a divorce recovery class and worked my recovery in a supportive environment that allowed me to heal and grow closer in my relationship with God, my Heavenly Father. I began to see God’s power displayed through my failures. I was able to walk more in God’s perfect peace and less dependent on trying to make things peaceful. My relationships have changed. I am now happily remarried. My son has a family of his own and I am facing the new challenges today with support from God and others, including the Pathway team!

– Anonymous


Pathway Ministry is called by God to set captives free. They do it by applying the Word of God to every situation they face. It may be a minister that has lost his zeal or find himself in sin, Pathway’s goal is to restore them to the call of Jesus through love.

Pathway has brought a teaching to families, churches, and schools on the evil of side of the internet. By attacking the problem of pornography, families are set free from the bondage it brings.

Pathway operates a New Testament ministry under the covering of the local church. Their goals are simple and are viable today just as they were in the early church.

Jesus loves you,

Pastor Robert Dunlap

Winter Park Church

There is a proverb that says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Pathway Ministries is that piece of iron that helps keep us on the straight and narrow.  Their team is made up of Christ followers who are dedicated to seeing God’s kingdom expanded.  They take time to invest in ministers like myself and help us work through issues in our personal and ministerial life.  Through these transparent meetings and encouraged time with God, we are better able to decipher between God’s will for our ministries and our own self-ambitions.

David, Youth Pastor


I have known the people with Pathway for at least 15 years.  In that time, they have been a great resource to refer friends as well as people I have ministered to when they were dealing with issues beyond what one can do in a lay ministry role.  They have also been a source of assistance within my own family.  Having raised three children over the years, it has not always been without challenges.  Pathway was there to assist the family in navigating through some trying times.

They provide a tremendous resource for our community and for our families.  I have personally supported them for some years because I believe they are that important to our churches and to our families.



As a Pastor of Students, there are certainly times where I have had to rely on a professional counselor to best minister to a family or student. Pathway Counseling Ministry has been such a blessing to my ministry.  I have known Charles Wise and Pathway Counseling ministry for more than 15 years and consider it a privilege to call them a ministry partner.  But Charles has been more than a ministry partner, he is a close personal friend.  Having a Christian Counselor that I can count on to not only give outstanding professional care, but to have the confidence that they will give that care with the foundation and perspective of scripture is critical to me as a pastor.  Knowing that I can trust Pathway to be that Christ-centered professional counseling ministry gives me the confidence to not only recommend them to you but to those students and families in my ministry.

Rev. Jonathan D. Pearson

Pastor of Students and Missions

First Baptist Church of Eustis


One of the toughest questions that a pastor faces is where to turn for help whenever he faces either a personal or professional dilemma – especially the personal stuff. I welcome this opportunity to recommend Charles Wise and Pathway Counseling. For more than fifteen years, I have trusted my questions to Pathway. The confidential and biblical insights I received have helped me to be a better, stronger and more effective leader. Additionally, by always being available to help those I referred to them, Pathways has reduced my counseling workload tremendously, saving me countless hours that would have been spent in counseling individuals, allowing me more time and energy to lead. When you need help sorting through details of family or ministry, Pathways Counseling can serve as a trusted friend and sounding board.


Dan Holland, Campus Pastor with Real Life Christian Church

Pathway is truly that…a pathway for people to receive solid Biblical counseling when in their greatest time of need.  I have had the privilege of working with this group of professional Christian counselors for 15 years.  The lives that have been touched and restored are innumerable.  Pathway is very eager to work with area churches to partner together so that no one is unable to receive direction when they need it the most.  I would wholeheartedly encourage you to consider Pathway Counseling Ministry.

Rev. Rick Pughe

Lead Pastor

FBC Eustis


One of the greatest needs of a Pastor is having a resource for solid Biblical counseling, to come alongside the pastoral care we provide to our church families.  I have had the benefit and privilege to work with Pathway Counseling Ministry since 1999.  This relationship has been a great blessing to the individuals referred, to the church family, the Pastoral staff, and the surrounding community.

It is without reservation that I recommend Charles Wise and his associates at Pathway Counseling Ministry.

Vince Manna

Senior Pastor

First Baptist St. Cloud

Pathway counseling has enhanced my pastoral ministry. As a pastor, my time is a premium. I am always looking for ways to get the most out of the limited time I have. There are a few areas I don’t like skimping on: time in prayer, sermon preparation, and quality counseling time are among the top three. Many times people come to me with counseling issues that either I feel incredibly unqualified to deal with or I know are going to eat into other ministry areas. This is where Pathway Counseling has enhanced my ministry. Westview Baptist Church has had a relationship with Pathway for over ten years and I have found them to be a quality, committed, qualified counseling ministry. Being able to refer people to Pathway allows me to concentrate on other areas of ministry without neglecting the counseling needs of our congregation. Thank you Pathway Counseling Ministry for being faithful to your calling so I can be faithful to mine.

Charlie Higgins, Pastor
Westview Baptist Church
Sanford, FL

I have used and recommended Pathway Counseling Ministry to members of my congregation on a number of occasions. I have found the services they provide to be helpful, and Christian; not secular with a few Bible verses thrown in. They have a number of trained counselors, so I have always found someone with expertise in the area needed at the time. I highly recommend Charles Wise and his professional staff.

Rev. Gene Gregory
Pastor – River of Life Church of Volusia

Pathway Ministries and Charles Wise have been a blessing to Westview Baptist Church and to me personally. While I was pastor at Westview, Pathway Counseling Ministry partnered with us in an effective counseling ministry.

Together we were able to accomplish what we could not have done alone. People were helped and the love of Jesus was shown to them. Not one time did Pathway Ministries create a problem for us! I am grateful that God allowed us to join hands with Pathway Counseling Ministry.

Bill W. Coffman
Pastor Emeritus
Westview Baptist Church
Sanford, Florida

I have seen incredible results from those I’ve sent to Charles Wise and Pathway Ministries. Those individuals have come back and thanked me for directing them to him. I know that Charles cares deeply, speaks honest truth and seeks godly wisdom for everyone he meets.

Troy Schmidt
Campus Pastor
First Baptist Church Windermere

Charles has been a counselor, challenger and cheerleader for me through good times and bad. He believes in and supports my desire to be a “Kingdom dad,” encouraging me to help our son know the Lord, to build him up in God’s word and to cast a vision to serve the Lord wherever he may place him. I have watched him urge men to move beyond average, and to think biblically, to serve their families as ambassadors for Christ. He also has a passion to lead ministers back to health, to see them thrive in their identity in Christ and in their calling as shepherds.

Stay-at-home Dad

My wife and I had the privilege of receiving premarital counseling from Dale Ziglear at Pathway Counseling Ministry. Our counseling experience was a blessing for us both individually and together as a couple. I never had the impression that Mr. Ziglear viewed us as clients but instead treated us as part of his ministry. His focus was for us to grow closer to God and consequently closer as a couple. We are both very grateful for his help. His personal attention and dedication, along with his Godly wisdom, helped us lay a solid foundation for our marriage.
In the time we spent with Mr. Ziglear, he challenged us to grow personally as he helped us understand the roles that God created us for in our marriage. I know that I am much more prepared to lead and care for my wife because of his direction and counseling. The fruit of our counseling is already evident in our relationship and our marriage.


Even greater blessing than the wise counsel is the true concern the counselors at Pathway Counseling Ministry have for the people they help.

- James King

This is counseling that is Biblically based and lovingly shared from counselors who live what they share and teach.

- Sidney & Kim Galloway

I have seen incredible results from those I’ve sent to Charles Wise and Pathway Ministries.

- Troy Schmidt

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Pathway Ministries
PO Box 620478
Oviedo, FL 32762-0478