Pathway Counseling has enhanced my pastoral ministry. As a pastor, my time is a premium. I am always looking for ways to get the most out of the limited time I have. There are a few areas I don’t like skimping on: time in prayer, sermon preparation, and quality counseling time are among the top three. Many times people come to me with counseling issues that either I feel incredibly unqualified to deal with or I know are going to eat into other ministry areas. This is where Pathway Counseling has enhanced my ministry. Westview Baptist Church has had a relationship with Pathway for over ten years and I have found them to be a quality, committed qualified counseling ministry. Being able to refer people to Pathway allows me to concentrate on other areas of ministry without neglecting the counseling needs of our congregation. Thank you Pathway Counseling Ministry for being faithful to your calling so I can be faithful to mine.

Charle Higgins | Pastor – Westview Baptist Church (Sanford, FL)


Pathway Counseling is truly that…a pathway for people to receive solid Biblical counseling when in their greatest time of need.  I have had the privilege of working with this group of professional Christian counselors for 15 years.  The lives that have been touched and restored are innumerable.  Pathway is very eager to work with area churches to partner together so that no one is unable to receive direction when they need it the most.  I would wholeheartedly encourage you to consider Pathway Counseling Ministry. 

Rev. Rick Pughe | Pastor – FBC Eustis

Pathway Counseling is a ministry that we wholeheartedly support.  Over the years, we have referred people to Charles Wise and Dale Ziglear confident that they would get much needed and helpful counseling. This is counseling that is Biblically based and lovingly shared by counselors who live what they share and teach.  We have known Charles for over 10 years, including a time when we were in the same adult life group at church. Sidney has known both Charles and Dale from a local Friday morning men’s prayer meeting that has met for the past 6 years.  Personally, we have both met with Charles and Dale for help and advice. Over the past 35 years, we ourselves have been blessed to serve in youth ministry, church planting, child evangelism, Precepts, Love Orlando, and other church-based service opportunities.  Thus, we have seen quite a few different ministries from these experiences over these years and can say Pathway Counseling is one of the best, most Biblical and Christ honoring ministries that we’ve ever been exposed to!

Sidney & Kim Galloway

One of the toughest questions that a pastor faces is where to turn for help whenever he faces either a personal or professional dilemma – especially the personal stuff. I welcome this opportunity to recommend Charles Wise and Pathway Counseling. For more than fifteen years, I have trusted my questions to Pathway. The confidential and biblical insights I received have helped me to be a better, stronger and more effective leader. Additionally, by always being available to help those I referred to them, Pathways has reduced my counseling workload tremendously, saving me countless hours that would have been spent in counseling individuals, allowing me more time and energy to lead. When you need help sorting through details of family or ministry, Pathways Counseling can serve as a trusted friend and sounding board.

Dan Holland | Campus Pastor – Real Life Christian Church

Charles has been a counselor, challenger and cheerleader for me through good times and bad. He believes in and supports my desire to be a “Kingdom dad,” encouraging me to help our son know the Lord, to build him up in God’s word and to cast a vision to serve the Lord wherever he may place him. I have watched him urge men to move beyond average, and to think biblically, to serve their families as ambassadors for Christ. He also has a passion to lead ministers back to health, to see them thrive in their identity in Christ and in their calling as shepherds.

James | Stay-at-home Dad

Pathways to Freedom, Life, and Joy

I survived, and thrive through divorce, a manic depressive and drug-addicted son, and the addiction of co-dependency and work-alcoholism through the ministry of Pathway Counseling. I discovered Pathway through my church many years ago when I was seeking counseling for my son. After we drove to the site for our first counseling session, my son refused to go inside. So, after a short argument, I decided that I would not waste the session and went instead of my son. I found hope and encouragement and began to discover my co-dependency. Through Pathway, I developed a support group of trusted friends and counselors who helped me recognize and break my pattern of co-dependency, which gave my son the time and self-dependency he needed to make his own choices concerning drug use. Through Pathway, I attended a divorce recovery class and worked my recovery in a supportive environment that allowed me to heal and grow closer in my relationship with God, my Heavenly Father. I began to see God’s power displayed through my failures. I was able to walk more in God’s perfect peace and less dependent on trying to make things peaceful. My relationships have changed. I am now happily remarried. My son has a family of his own and I am facing the new challenges today with support from God and others, including the Pathway team!