It’s so easy to start counseling with telehealth! If you live in the state of Florida and are looking for more PEACE, STRENGTH, BALANCE, or HEALING, Laura Rhines can support you on a journey to reduce your suffering, develop good boundaries, and live in an EMPOWERED way! 

 Laura specializes in helping women of all ages who have been through traumatic events, are transitioning/recreating themselves, grieving from loss or divorce, needing to resolve relationship/family conflict, or just wanting to be their best and most powerful, healthy self.

 Laura also offers in-person EMDR (helpful for trauma) in both Winter Springs and Palm Coast, Florida. EMDR is a helpful way to address trauma and some of the more horrific experiences of life. EMDR helps people regain positive thoughts and feelings and it’s quite useful for PTSD.

Laura also has specialized training working with the LGBTQ+ community and their families. 

 If you need hope, support and new ideas…reach out to Laura for help. Whether you want to work on yourself or figure out a relationship in your life, start the empowering transformation process! Call Laura Rhines at 407-982-1934.

Telehealth throughout the state of Florida and offices in Winter Springs and Palm Coast, Florida.

 Email: coffeeandchange@gmail.com