I LOVE my job as a Marriage and Family Therapist.🧡 

I predominantly work with women of all ages who have been through traumatic events, are transitioning and recreating themselves, grieving after loss or divorce, or needing help resolving inner or relationship conflicts. 

If one’s goals are to find peace, strength, balance, and healing, I could be a good fit on that journey. 

Together we’ll work to decrease loneliness, reduce suffering, develop healthy boundaries, and become a strong and empowered person.

My greatest joy is when a client “graduates” and feels confident to live as their most powerful healthy self! 

I offer EMDR which is a fantastic technique to resolve trauma. It helps one regain positive thoughts and feelings, and is quite helpful for PTSD. 

As a deep believer that we’re created to enjoy a harmonious relationship between body-mind-spirit, you’ll see me incorporate a number of ideas and tools! 

We may do guided meditations, art therapy, work on the whiteboard or use figures on a table to illustrate a point. 

We might discuss the enneagram, utilize sound therapy or aromatherapy, talk about how energy is designed to flow through our body, or take a walk on a labyrinth. 

Therapy can be fun and interesting and full of variety as together we explore problems and look for the best and most personalized solutions.  

Having led groups for the LGBTQ+ community 🌈and their families, this is another area of support. 

Feel free to call me or give my number to someone who may find it helpful. I can also be found on the Psychology Today website. 

Laura Rhines, MS, LMFT
(407) 982-1934  (not a text line, just calls) or email

I have an office in Winter Springs, FL for in-person visits and also offer teletherapy care (zoom sessions) throughout the states of Florida and Arizona.