Darell Rhines, M.S., RMHCI

Darrell Rhines is great to talk to if you’re dealing with anger, stress, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, addictions, or relationship issues. For those needing help with PTSD, ask about EMDR therapy which is done in-person in Winter Springs, Palm Coast, or Windermere, Florida.

Darrell works with a lot of men who are balancing work and relationships; some are overwhelmed in their jobs, and frustrated with external demands coming from so many people and places. Sometimes a partner insists on the need for counseling.

Others who see Darrell are teens whose home-life or other pressures stress them out. Darrell also sees people who are in the second half of life, or maybe feeling the pain of divorce or loss.

There are a lot of unique stressors being faced right now…and those can be on top of the issues that were already causing distress.

Darrell Rhines is here to offer support; and now with telehealth, it’s really convenient for anyone in the state of Florida to reach out to him. There’s no travel time and you can connect from your home, car, or office. Set up a free consultation by phone at (352) 541-2944.

Telehealth available in the state of Florida, or offices are located in Winter Springs, Palm Coast, and Windermere, Florida

Email: changeovercoffee@gmail.com