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Suicide and Substance Abuse: How You Can Be a Positive Force for Someone Who Is Struggling

When someone you care about struggles with substance abuse, there are often other issues they’re dealing with at the same time. Underlying mental...

Meet Robert Edwards Jr.

Robert was born in Brooklyn, New York, moved to Panama, Central America and then raised in Miami, Florida....

Meet Darrell Rhines

Darrell will help you as you discover solutions to navigate the tough challenges of life.  With care, humor, and directness, he offers a vast array...

Meet Abraham George

Though his roots are in the Southern part of India, Abraham George was born and brought up in North-East India. A missionary with Campus Crusade for...

Meet Laura Rhines

Laura counts it a privilege to be present with people in their struggles. She helps people on their journey to find healing, purpose, and...

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